In loving remembrance


This page I dedicate to my beloved dogs that are not with me any more. They already crossed the rainbowbridge into a better life on a far better place. There they will wait until we'll meet again someday...

Nobody wants to experience these painful days on which our best friends leave us alone. Although after a life full of faith and love to us they deserve nothing else but that we back them up in this moment. Even if it is hard we always should put the good of the dog first. No dog, which stood by our side all life long, should have to die alone!



Shadow of Aire First Lady "Dana"

(11.02.1999 - 02.08.2010)





Zana 3. Friend


Nobody Van't Asbroek


62 cm


FH 3, FH 2, FH 1,
BHG 3, BGH 2, BGH 1, RH-E



diagnostic findings:


DNA profile:





Much to my regret I had to walk a hard way the second time in my life. On the 2nd of August 2010 my Dana forever closed her eyes and fell asleep quit and peaceful in the circle of her family. 

I am especially indepted to my Dana. Through her I got a lot of possibilities in my life with dogs. Her unique charakter, her temperament and her faithful nature inspired the need in me to breed Airedale Terriers.

Dana handed her incredible charakter as well as her beauty and her will to work down to all her 43 puppies out of 4 litters.  I can take a little comfort from the thought, that in her puppies she still lives on.

Also dog sports I really discovered with her. My Dana was a very cheerful and funny bitch, was very willing to work and had an extremely distinctive play and prey instinct. She was absolutely not unforgiving, very quick at learning and although she was more than 10 years old, still quick and agile. With 11 years she still won a competition in BGH 3 and sticks out with her cheerful and quick work. Other than her great obedience Dana also had an excellent nose, what she did prove in several tracking exams up to FH 3.

Dana was trained in obedience, tracking and protection and also passed the qualification test for rescue dogs. Numerous exams and competitions, which she passed all over with success and often wins the 1st, 2nd or 3rd place, attest to her great work. As far as dog sports is concerned Dana was the best dog I’ve ever handled.

Together with her I could celebrate most of my success in dog sports and I owe her a lot of victories.

I owe her many wonderful years!

Especially therefore it was very important to me to demonstrate my respect for her and let not walk her the last and hardest way alone. Because our friend in life deserves respect also in death. And I could not stand the thought, if I left her alone in this moment.

Dear my First Lady, I want to thank you for many wonderful years and success we were able to experience together in dog sports as well as in breeding. I will miss you!


They say memories are golden

well maybe that is true.

I never wanted memories,

I only wanted you.


A million times I needed you,

a million times I cried.

If love alone could have saved you

you never would have died.


In life I loved you dearly,

in death I love you still.

In my heart you hold a place

no one could ever fill.


If tears could build a stairway,

and heartache make a lane,

I'd walk the path to heaven

and bring you back again.


Our family chain is broken,

and nothing seems the same.

But as God calls us one by one,

the chain will link again.





Elly vom Freisitz

(08.06.1991 - 09.05.2005)



08.06.1991 - 09.05.2005


Bea vom Freisitz


Bernie von Lustbühel


58 cm





diagnostic findings:


DNA profile:




This page I dedicate to my bitch Elly vom Freisitz, which much to our regret fell asleep forever in my arms in presence of my sister and my mother at the age of 14 years on the 09. of May 2005 at 20:20 o'clock.

It is not easy to part company with your beloved four-legged friend forever. But sometimes - especially if our love is concerned - we as human beings have to be fair and put back our own wishes and needs and do the only best for our pet. Because our friend in life deserves respect also in death. The decision to deliver an animal from pain and torments is definitely one of the hardest to be made by a loving owner. However in such a case we have to act solely in the interests of our friend. Even if the pain of parting is unbearable and we want to retard it. Especially with an Airedale it is very difficult to see how good or bad he feels. Because an Airedale never shows pain or weakness - to the end. Even if our love looks healty and well external he can feel already very bad inside in fact. Nevertheless I want nobody to have to make such a decision on life and death.

Now I know from experience how it feels to loose a long-lasting friend and to pass on without its company. In spite of everything I am glad that I could save my Elly from a potentially long and distressful death and that she was allowed to die at home with her family.

Elly was my first dog. And together we shared a very interesting and exciting time. Starting from my 12. birthday she was a faithful accompanist, playfellow and friend. To her I owe that I followed up dogsports and later also breeding Airedale Terriers. Without her proverbial pighead I would have probably never taken the trouble to take an other Airedale in order to prove others and also myself that I can be successful with this breed. Elly was always with us - even abroad. She was always lively and cheerful even in the end.

We will miss a lot of things with her: the typical greeting, which she most of the time startet with a stretching, yawning and a bark; her waiting in front of the car till we finally got out; her "5 minutes" when she ran in the garden like a maniac with her tail curved; her begging next to the table when we had breakfast at the weekend and her glance when she stood in front of me with her beard wet and dripping and waited for the rest of the ice-cream cone.

There are a million situations and things every day that remind me of her. Elly is no longer alive, but she will never be forgotten. She found her last resting-place in her beloved garden and will be in our loving remembrance forever.

Even if love, gratefulness and truth
decreases from humans heart,
you will however anew
find it real and true in a dog.
(Albert Freiherr von Hacke Stoll-Sternen)

Dear Elly
we really will miss you a lot!

Rest in peace