Styrian Spirit Royal Grace


born: 20.11.2020

mother:         Styrian Spirit I'm Kiwi

Styrian Spirit Lucky Joschi

exams: FCI-IGP BH/VT


diagnostic findings: HD-A, ED-0, LW-0
DNA profile:




Styrian Spirit Royal Grace is a smaller female with all the more temperament. She is extremely teachable, has a high will to work and is easy to inspire. She came back to us at the age of 18 months and was able to successfully pass her first exam just 5 weeks later. The irrepressible joy and zest for life that she radiates is downright contagious and she very quickly finds her way into the hearts of the people around her.

Visually, she is a pretty girl who was certified by judges to have a beautiful feminine head with correct ears, a very good neck-shoulder section, excellent chest depth, strong short loin, very well angulated hindquarters, a correctly carried tail and an excellent hair texture.

Grace is a very curious, open-minded and vivacious female who still likes to be cuddled.