More about me

As the first of my parents two children I was born in Wagna, in the south of Styria. Because of my fathers job, at the age of 3 years my life abroad began. Together with my parents and my younger sister I spent many years in Iraq, in Algier and at least in Berlin.

Because of these constant journeys I unfortunately never had a chance to keep a pet. Already at that time I always wanted to have a dog. As soon as we stayed in Austria, I got my first Airedale Terrier bitch Elly vom Freisitz as a birthday present at the age of 12 years. She was my pride and joy. Nobody else was allowed to play or go for a walk with her. Very soon I visited dog school with her and I had a lot of fun. 

So it happened, that I trained Elly in obedience, as well as in tracking and protection and we passed some exams. In the years from 1990 on we were members of the ÖHZB (Austrian rescue dog brigade) and Elly was a certified rescue dog.

I always was told, that it would have been better to handle an other breed. Because then – so they told me – I would have reached much more and quicker than with a stubborn Airedale Terrier. But it did not keep me from working even harder and eventually take a second “hard-headed” home.

And so in June 1999 my second Airedale bitch Shadow of Aire First Lady (called Dana) came to me.

Also Dana was trained in obedience, tracking and protection and very soon presented very successfully in exams and competitions.

Because my work with my Airedales convinced me, that this breed is very teachable, intelligent and comes up to the reputation as “utility-dog”, I decided to become a breeder. And so I registered my breed “Styrian Spirit” in 2001.

I’m not interested in mass breeding. My target for breeding is quality – not in quantity. The main focus for me are health and a strong character.

Of course I had to keep a puppy out of my first litter, and so my dog-family grew with Styrian Spirit ABC Of Joy (called Ace) to 3 Airedales. 

Also with him I worked in obedience, tracking and protection and he could prove his ability at several exams and competitions.

On the 9th of Mai 2005 I had to take leave of Elly with a heavy heart, who died at the age of 14 years. 

More and more Airedales came into my life and unfortunately I also had to say good bye to some of them as they died. But what is the saying: once an Airedale - always an Airedale!

In nearly 30 years of dog sports now I passed more than 100 exams and competitions with my Airedales. This should be prove enough to all doubters, that the Airedale Terrier is not the stubborn dog, for which it is known. The Airedale is a very intelligent dog, which rumbles it’s owner even quicker as the owner his dog. And so, a lot of exponents of this breed manage to get their way very charming. In fact there are no stubborn Airedale Terriers – there are only stubborn teachware!

In summer 2008 I got in the lead of the Airedale Terrier Spezialklub as president. Together with my fellow managers and in collaboration with the ÖKV I will do everything in my power to preserve or even improve the quality of this breed. In order to come up to this, I am anxious to set a good example with my own breeding.

Further I am a member of the management of the Working Terrier World Union (WTWU) and represent Austria as a member of foundation. With this Organisation it is possible now, to present our dogs at a special World Championship for Terriers.