Styrian Spirit Remmy Demmy


born: 20.11.2020

mother:            Styrian Spirit I'm Kiwi

Styrian Spirit Lucky Joschi

exams: FCI-IGP BH/VT


Austrian Youthchampion
Austrian Club-Youth-Winner
diagnostic findings: HD-A, ED-0, LÜW-0
DNA profile:




My Styrian Spirit Remmy Demmy is a large-scale female who inherited a lot of her beauty and, above all, her ability to concentrate from her mother, Styrian Spirit I'm Kiwi. She has a very beautiful and intense coloring and has an excellent coat quality. This was also the opinion of several judges, through whose assessments Remmy was able to achieve the titles of Austrian Youth Champion and Club Youth Winner of the Airedale Terrier Spezialklub.

Sie besticht in der Arbeit durch ihre hohe Konzentrationsfähigkeit und eine hohe Arbeitsbereitschaft. Sie zeigt sich sehr gut auf der Fährte und in der Stöberarbeit, wo sie sehr intensives Suchverhalten an den Tag legt, sowie auch in der Unterordnung, wo sie sher um korrektes Arbeiten bemüht ist. Im Schutzdienst wird sie gerade aufgebaut - hier fehlt es uns an regelmäßigem Training aufgrund von Schutzhelfermangel. At work, she impresses with her ability to concentrate and her willingness to work. She shows herself very well on the track, where she shows very intensive searching behavior, as well as in obedience, where she tries hard to work correctly. She is currently being set up in the protection work - here we have no regular training due to a lack of protection helpers.

In private, she is a very cuddly and friendly girl.