born: 06.11.2023

4 males - 5 females





the first days:

Nyssa gave birth to 4 little males and 5 females on November 6th. The little U's are doing well and mom Nyssa has also recovered well from the birth. Now the little rascals have to drink diligently in order to grow up big and strong. From now on they will tell you about their lives and experiences here every week. The U's say: Hello!



1 week old: Our life is still somewhat unspectacular: drinking milk, sleeping (in every situation), being cleaned. And yet we are really cute and you could watch us all day. Our mom is very caring and clean. Sometimes too clean... As soon as we have fought for a teat, she eagerly cleans us away again. But still all of us manage to eat. According to the size of our litter, we are also gaining weight well. The first highlight of this week was our move into our own room - the "Puppy Lounge". A room entirely for us and our mom alone. Here we can grow in peace and play and have fun later. Until then, we are still waiting for our eyes and ears to open. We may be able to report on that soon. Your Styrian Spirit U's.



2 weeks old: Things are slowly becoming more active here. A lot has happened this week. We are already opening our eyes and starting to notice loud noises. Sometimes we already sit in our whelping box and try to understand our environment through intense sniffing. The first shaky attempts to walk outside our whelping box are already being made. Still very uncoordinated and a bit "top-heavy" - we use to tip forward :-) We've also already outgrown our first collars and have therefore gotten our new colorful ones. This is how we shine in new splendor. The first claw care and the first treatment against worms were also on our weekly schedule. With so much excitement, we have to drink a lot of milk and sleep every now and then. The space next to mom is getting a little tighter. We're also starting to train our vocal cords, which is really fun. We sound like little pigeons cooing. But we're also trying to bark. And our siblings and our mom also become interesting. You can nibble on some ears or legs or even pull on mom's ear. Thank God she has endless patience :o) See you soon - your U's.



3 weeks old: Another week has passed and we have also gained many new experiences this week. Our eyes and ears are now completely open. We can hear when our “foster mom” Katharina calls us “Wuzzi, Wuzzi” and quickly raise our heads to find out where the calls are coming from. Our eyes are still a little cloudy and bluish and we can't see quite clearly yet, but that will get better. Of course we still sleep most of the day, but in between we are quite mobile. We're already walking unsteadily and trying to play with each other. It is still difficult to coordinate all four legs. But we're slowly getting the hang of it. We paw at each other, throw each other over, then roll around. We nibble on each other or sit together in the whelping box, raise our heads to the ceiling and start a chorus of howls. That sounds a bit pitiful at the moment, but that's all you can get out of such a small dog :-) In between, we're already moving around in our puppy room and exploring it. As soon as we see properly, we also get toys. We continue to gain weight well - and the 1 kg mark was already broken at the beginning of the week. Our mom Nyssa looks after us very well, cleans us impeccably and also serves as a pillow or sleeping surface for us every now and then. In addition, at the end of the 3rd week we were given real food for the first time: the finest beef tartare. Mmhhhh, that was tasty! Finally, we were able to go on our first trips outdoors. Only for a very short time, so that we don't catch a cold, but we are already learning to do our "business" outdoors. We are very excited to see what next week will bring. We will report on it - your U's.



4 weeks old: Imagine, this week we have already been taken outside regularly to learn how to do our pees and poos there. Katharina usually only allows us a few minutes so that we can get back into the warm as quickly as possible and not catch a cold. But we are already doing our “job” very well, and there are rarely a few “oops” to be found in our puppy lounge. We are now really mobile, running and cantering around the area and by the end of the week we have already learned to run to Katharina in response to the “Wuzzi” calls. Since the beginning of the week we are no longer fed individually, but we have learned to eat from our feeding trough ourselves. Not that easy - we would prefer to stand with all fours in the food. Katharina has her hands full trying to prevent this. But things are getting better every time. The feeding plan now also changes every week. We are fed raw food. And special attention must be paid to our needs. We are now fighting with each other more roughly, biting each other and dissipating a little energy. Then we all fall asleep again, just about to fall over. Be it in the whelping box, in the feeding trough or on our mom, who patiently puts up with it. But her patience also has limits. We're already pushing it a bit by biting and pulling on her teats. We are then immediately reprimanded - the training has obviously begun... The space in our whelping box and at mom's milk bar is slowly becoming more and more limited. We grow like mushrooms and have already increased our birth weight almost sixfold. This week we were also treated against worms for the second time. The highlight this week was certainly the toys that Katharina put in our room. At first we examined it very carefully and with interest, then of course everything was nibbled. Just like Katharina's trouser legs and shoes. Because this week our sharp little teeth also broke through. Katharina has already felt this a few times :-) Finally, we go back to sleep and assume the typical Airedale sleeping position - turned on our backs and all fours stretched upwards. See you next week then! Your U's.



5 weeks old: We grow and grow. The heaviest among us already weigh almost 3 kg. Carrying us becomes really difficult... Our toys are slowly becoming more and more interesting to us. So that we don't get bored and, above all, so that we learn to deal with environmental situations better, Katharina has now built our own little adventure park, which is constantly being expanded. We have various surfaces there, including grilles and a wobbly old slatted frame. But as true Airedales, we of course have no fear. We'll try everything straight away. This week we were even able to enjoy some hours of sunshine. We didn't want to go inside anymore. Speaking of going inside: As you can see, at Katharina's call, we walk alone over our small ramp and through the dog flap back to our puppy lounge. We learn sooo quickly - Airedale of course (hahaha!). Although we don't really differ much in character and, above all, we haven't settled into it yet, a few of us have already received a nickname. So I, Mr. Red (red collar), am usually called "Schopfi" because I have such a funny shock of hair on my head that keeps standing up. Let's see how the rest of us is shaping up. But our absolute favorite activity is to bite Katharina's fingers, toes or Achilles tendons and then shake our head really hard with our sharp little teeth. Particularly effective if you hit exactly the nail bed. If we could laugh, it would probably drown out the screams of our victims. Mom continues to do a good job raising us and is now slowly starting to wean us. It's probably also because we're now starting to bite her teats and pull on them... Also, this week our whelping box was replaced with a real dog transport box. We are already learning to sleep in such a box and to feel safe and comfortable there. Well, that's it for this week. We're excited to see what next week brings. Until then, all the best - your U's.



6 weeks old: What happened in our 6th week of life: of course we grew diligently again. This means that our mom rarely lies down with so that we can drink milk. But we can help ourselves: we just drink standing up :-) Our fur is also getting longer and longer. This is very convenient at these temperatures. But we're starting to look like little hippies :-) In Schopfi's case, the shock of hair on his head has now turned over. Since we were able to receive visitors from our future families for the first time this week, our foster mom dressed us up nicely beforehand. We have already had our first hairdresser appointment. Now we look like real little Airedales! Our fights are getting louder and rougher. We know how to use our sharp teeth very well. Everything is tasted and nibbled. However, our visitors were only able to catch a glimpse of our true colors, as after a short time we all collapsed from fatigue and fell asleep. And we still manage to do this in the most impossible positions, as you can see in the photos. Since the weather is wonderful at times, we like to spend a little more time outdoors and let the sun shine on our stomachs. Last but not least, we were treated again worms this week again. Now we're heading into the 7th week. Man, how time flies! See you soon - the U's.



7 weeks old: It's time! This week we would like to wish you all a verry Merry Christmas with your loved ones. We hope you can enjoy the holidays to the fullest. Do it like we do: enjoy the days in a small group, eat well, sleep a lot and have a bit of fun :-) We have a little Christmas present for you: This time we'll introduce ourselves to you individually! This week was once again very exciting. Our future owners visited us again and we are slowly showing our true colors. We also like to test our sharp teeth during their visit and have tried to destroy a blanket that was brought to us or tug on shoelaces and clothing. We are moving really fast now and are always discovering new things that we can do. Our foster mom has her hands full with us. She can't grab as fast as we can run :-). When our food is being prepared, we always sit tensely in front of the baby gate and stare languidly into the kitchen. We are now also attacking our mom more and more aggressively. That's why she's now allowed to spend most of her time away from us and rest. When we are with her, she does the parenting work again. Our game phases are now taking a little longer and are getting louder and louder. But when we've let off steam, we fall over again and sleep. We also had our first walk on a leash this week so we could get to know it too. Now it's only 1 week left before we can finally move in with our families. Until next week! Your U's.

Miss White Mr. Blue Miss Orange
Mr. Black Miss Green Miss Blue
Mr. Green Mr. Red Miss Red


8 weeks old: We greet you one last time! Dear people, welcome to 2024! We, the U's, wish all of you a happy, successful and above all healthy New Year. What has happened in our last week together: We are becoming more and more active, more spirited and more persistent. Our games are quite rough and we don't stop at foster mom Katharina. We now hang on to her trouser legs very often and even allow ourselves to be dragged behind her. Our new hobby is making lots of noise. It doesn't matter whether it is barking or growling - the main thing is that it is loud :-) Now, in addition to the visual differences, you can also see our different character traits. That's why our new families found out this week who will have whom of us. This week our vet also visited us to examine us closely, vaccinate us and chip us. We are now clearly identifiable and have been certified as being in the best of health. Our mother Nyssa was also examined closely and she has recovered wonderfully from our rearing. At the same time, the breeding warden of the Airedale Terrier Special Club was with us, who also checked everything carefully again. She took a closer look at us again, checked the chips and the vaccination certificates with the registered, required vaccinations and worming treatments and inspected the breeding facility to ensure that it met the neccessary requirements. Here, too, we were assured that everything was fine. A highlight was definitely that we got to meet our cousin Remmy and our grandma Urma. Man, that was exciting! The two of them were really nice to us and also went on a trip with us in the large garden. This week we were also able to properly inaugurate our cozy blankets that we can take home with us. So, we will now say goodbye to you. Because we are leaving our “nest” and can finally be picked up by our families. We are very excited and looking forward to it! All the best to you all! Thank you for visiting our puppy page and for allowing us to share with you the first 8 weeks of our lives. Stay healthy! Your U's