What you should think about before buying a puppy

The first question should be: Am I really willing to take responsibility for a living being which - if everything is fine - will be a part of my life for 10 or 14 years? Because this is one of the most important aspects in such a decision. You should be aware of the fact that we are talking about an animal, which needs attention and time. And not an object which you can take if you need it and then put it away again.

Following things should be taken into consideration:


Are you a single or are you living with a partner or in a family? I ask this question because a dog takes time. If you are a single and living alone you should think it over very carefully. It takes time for movement and it needs attention. If you are living alone the dog should have the possibility to be in the garden or go for a walk with someone else while you are not at home. Maybe you have the possibility to take it to work with you.

In a family every single person should decide wheter or not a dog should be taken. Because it is important that it is accepted by all of them.

Keep in mind that a dog is a creature of habit. Your dog will behave like you teached it as a puppy. And it will be used to things you are doing. So if you are going for a long walk every day or on a tour with your bike you should do that over years and not only in the beginning. Make shure how much time you can spend with your dog every day.


Beyond the price for a puppy you should also keep in mind all other cost that an animal like this involves. The price for a puppy will be different from one breeder to an other. But it won't be difficult to find it out. Other cost will be for food, tax and insurance, regular and unregular visits at the vet, trimming and also for things your dog destrois sometimes.


An Airedale Terrier is very flexible. For him it is no problem to live in a flat. In this case enough exercise is very important. But he can also be kept in a house with garden and even outside (with a warm and dry space for sleeping).


As mentioned above a dog is a creature of habit. You will spend more time with a puppy then with a grown up dog. That's normal. But nevertheless you should stick to certain habits like going for a walk every day or take him with you with the bike. Your dog needs exercise to stay fit and he needs his owner's attention. And of course a dog, living in a flat, needs more exercise then a dog living in a house with garden.


Education is very important for a dog. Even if you love your new friend you should never treat him like an human being. It still remains a dog. Especially an Airedale Terrier needs a konsequent and experienced leader. The Airedale is very intelligent and strong-willed. He would never hurt the member of his family. But if he knows that he is the boss he will make his way.

For this reason it is very important that already the puppy learns that it belongs to the family, but it has to stick to the rules. The puppy must not do anything that the grown up dog will not be allowed to. It has to learn how to behave from the beginning.

A very good possibility for training and also exercise is dog sport. It keeps dog and owner fit and they spent some time together.

Dog or bitch:

There is no great difference in charakter between dog and bitch. Not like with other breeds. One difference is the height. Dogs are bigger that bitches. Although there are sometimes very big bitches and small dogs. The greatest difference is that a bitch will be in season for 1 or 2 times a year. It takes 3 weeks an the owner has to keep an eye on his lady! And a dog starts to raise his hind-leg and marks all plants in the garden.


To obtain a perfect hair quality and to make sure that he looses no hair an Airedale Terrier has to be trimmed regularly. This should happen every 2 month for the best results. Beyond to the cost trimming also takes a lot of time. Especially if the dog is not trimmed regularly. But it is no problem to learn it and it would be a good opportunity to spend some time together. Positive side-effect: an Airedale is perfect for living in a flat because he looses no hair.


You should think over your holiday plans for the future. If it is not possible for you to take the dog with you make sure that there will be some friends or members of your family which can take care for it while you are not at home. Of course the dog would love to join you on your trips!

I hope I could help you with your decision or give you some advice. If you think over it again very carefully and be true to yourself, then nothing should stop you from taking a puppy.