Target of breeding

„Quality is more important than quantity“

I decided to breed Airedale Terriers because of my wish to make this wonderful breed, which has given me pleasure and stood by me for so many years, more accessible to people in Austria and maybe also in other countries.

Airedale Terrier out of my breed should be characterized primarily by quality. My motto is: "Quality is more important than quantity". My primarily aim is to breed healthy dogs with a stable character. This I take into consideration also by choosing the parents for my breed. And even if of course the standard of the Airedale concerning its appearance has to be preserved, ratings from shows and titles for champion are not the most important thing for me - the more so as they are not always significant. All that glitters is not gold.

But "good" dog breeding is and remains - even in spite of all knowledge and experience - always also a matter of luck. I chose the term "good" on purpose and do not speak about the "perfect" breeding. Because this does not exist. Even if a responsible breeder will always give his best to choose the bred in a way, that all matters of health, character, standard and breeding regulations are taken into consideration, you see the result not till the litter is born. There will be no breeder, who - in the course of his breeding career - never had to admit that a bred did not bring the optimal and expected result.

It is also my aim to prove that an Airedale Terrier, which used to be a very popular and well known breed, still belongs to those breeds which are generally known as "utility-dog". This is the reason why I decided to sell my puppies mainlyl to people who already work with dogs or are willing to do so.

I am not interested in mass breeding. Because a blindfold "reproduction" - for whatever reason - is far from being useful for the quality of the breed. With me, litters are only planned if there are enough requests. It would be for no good if the puppies would not find a new family when they are old enough.

Unfortunately, the Airedale Terrier fell into oblivion over the years in Austria. I say unfortunately, because like that a lot of people will never have the opportunity of sharing their lives with an Airedale. This breed is known everywhere and to every Airedale owner as to be very faithful, affectionate, playful, exceptionally fond of children, courageous and quick to learn. This dog can be used excellently for every kind of dog sport, is always cheerful and willing to work if only you give it a chance. What an Airedale has learned once, it will never forget. And you can see that it loves working by waching its always gaily erect tail and its skipping walk, which reminds you to a horse. Incidentally, the Airedale Terrier is also an excellent playmate for children and an unrivalled family dog.

To all those, who decide for an Airedale, I'd like to recommend to contact a breeder early enough and to visit the puppies before you take one of them home. Of course I attach great importance to having contact to my puppies' new owners also after giving them away, because I'm very interested in their development.

Everybody who decides to take an Airedale Terrier won't ever regret having bought one. 

And everybody who has already had an Airedale Terrier knows the truth of following statement: